Refuel System

The best solution to save Diesel and Petrol on your company fuel station.

The system is capturing the exact data and continuous monitoring of fuel used,

fuel Monitoring/Saving programs could give up to 30% fuel cost savings, including the

prevention of criminal misuse.


Fuelling can be Easy, Secure and Fast



How it works

The transponder has a worldwide unique ID.
› The BlueTank® reader detects the transponder ID using RFID system.
› The ID is transferred by Bluetooth to a controller which is connected to the
pump switch and the fuel flow meter. The white list is stored in the controller,
if the vehicles transponder ID is in the white list, the pump will switch on
, if not no fuel will flow.
› The controller communicates by GSM/GPRS or Ethernet IP or RS232/485
and sends the transaction data to a Server/PC




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