The Management


Hashim Gumma

CEO and Founder of Computer Station Co.


 Elie ElKhoury

Elie Elkhoury

Chief Operating Officer

helmut pretchner

Helmut Prechtner

Construction Manager

 Khalid radwan

Khalid Radwan

Projects Manager


Jonathan jeganath

Administration Manager

 Fadi Barakat

Mohamed Amin 

Business Development Manager


Cedrick Magaling

IT Project Officer

 m rizwan

Salah Eldin

Chief Accountant


Mohammad Sajjad 

CAD Design Manager

 abo sabra

Mohamad Abo Sabra

Public Relation Officer (PRO)


Muataz Abualga

Public Relation Officer (PRO)

 Allan Joseph

Allan Joseph

MEP Engineering Manager

 akhil g

Akhil G.

QA/QC Production Manager


Anita Dahal

Sales Executive 


Arshad Ahmed

Procurement Officer

 Enrico Bonfio

Mohammed Amjath

Office Assistant

 Enrico Bonfio


SR Accountant

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