Parking Management Systems

Parking Management Systems: PARKME ITALY

PARKME is one of the leaders in the World in the supply, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance of Parking Management Systems, hardware and software.

Our competitive edge is that, before we embark on any project, we employ our team of engineers and technicians to survey the site, conduct thorough analyses, in order to determine the requirements and specifications of the site, consequently design site-specific tailor made innovative solutions.

Parking Management software:

Parking Management System: PARKEYES (Spain)

The video-based individual parking space detection system uses the standard network protocol. The protocols for communicating between the detection units (IP cameras) and the video sensor OPC servers are fully integrated in the Parking Management System

PMS System Overview

Camera recognized the plate number of each vehicle and can use to locate using find “my car Kiosk” or Mobile App

Find your Car Kiosk

A Touch screen device that can be seen before entering car parking facility

Video-base Parking Guidance Features

  • The number plates will be automatically detecting
  • Finding missed cars in the park with easiness
  • Higher security Standard by integrating video surveillance
  • Integrated with lighting and ventilation
  • Integrated with Electronic Info Display