Physical Security Equipment

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High-Speed, High-Security Barricade with Minimal Foundation

This is the highest crash rated bollard system we sell. Applications include Federal and MIL facilities, embassies and high profile, high-risk clients. Its height هs 39 inches and its diameter is 12.75 to 13.25 inches. Speed of operation can be adjusted from 3 to 6 seconds (emergency fast operation of only 2 seconds).Bollard arrays of 1 to 6 or more can be packaged. The unit can be a hydraulic, pneumatic, manual operation or fixed post bollard and be used with or without a decorative sleeve.

  • Barricade System requires a foundation depth of only 11.0 inches (279mm).
  • Speed of Operation in normal mode is 3 – 15 sec. In the Emergency Operating mode, full guard position can be deployed in less than 0.5 second
  • A complete range of Prime Movers, Control Options, Interface Packages, Sensors, Signal Lights, Safety Provisions etc

The Devices we install is K12 certified by the U.S. Department of State, meaning it’s capable of stopping a 15,000 lb medium-duty truck traveling at 50 mph.

Physical Security Equipment: Frontier Pitts UK

Frontier Pitts IWA 14 PAS 68 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Range includes the Terra G8, Terra Sliding Cantilevered Gate, Terra V Gate, Terra Swing Gate, Terra Hinged Gates, Compact Terra Barrier, Terra 180 Swing Barriers, Terra Ultimate Barrier, Terra Manual Barrier, Terra Shallow Blocker, Terra Blocker, Terra Surface Mount Blocker, Rising Terra Bollards, Static Terra Bollards and the CPNI Terra Diamond Turnstile & the LPS 1175 Terra Diamond Turnstile

Physical Security Equipment: O&O /BFT . ITALY

We are have experience for the installation and providing top quality of Bollard.

Computer Station Co. adopt O&O motion technology and abandoning the traditional bollard that Suite for the protection of sensitive sites.

By means of Raising Bollard is the technology to deploy and un-deploy the bollard from the ground, it is also used as a high security access control to restrict or obstruct vehicle passage.

Automatic bollards need masonry works as for laying must perform an excavation in which add; the most important part of the excavation is to drain the waters under the bollard.